There is a lot of talk about cupping recently thanks to quite a few of the Olympics Athletes in Rio who are boasting strange looking circular marks like large polka dots on their bodies while participating in the games.
Cupping isn’t a new fad, it’s been around for over 2,000 years. Originally used in Ancient China and Egypt. Gwyneth Paltrow was the first celebrity that I can recall publicly showing donning cupping marks when she went to a film premier with a backless dress revealing the marks on her back.
The most exciting thing about this is to see Olympic Athletes are turning to alternative medicine to boost their performance.

So what exactly is cupping?

Cupping is a technique used to promote healing whereby the therapist will use heated glass or plastic cups and create a suction by a vacuum or reduced air pressure within the cup. The old skool way was to use fire to create the vacuum but nowadays a lot of therapists use a special gun to extract the air. The basic idea is that the suction will pull the skin away from the muscle allowing for an inflammatory response and encouraging blood flow to the area which will nourish the muscles and speed up recovery.
The marks left after cupping are not bruises, they are toxins coming out of the body through the skin. When a condition exists, the skin around the cupping will show up deep purple but another person with no need for cupping, the skin will remain nice and pink. This is why the cups are clear so the therapist can see where needs the most attention.

What is cupping good for?

1. Physical pain. Back, neck and Musculoskeletal conditions
Cupping creates an inflammatory response and encourages speedy recovery after vigorous exercise when you don’t have time to allow the body to fully recover at it’s usual pace between training sessions. It increases blood flow to an area which removes stagnation and the blood carries nutrients so essentially you are just directing the body to heal itself in that area. Muscles will feel less tight and more relaxed after cupping.
2. Lung and respiratory conditions
Cupping can relieve Inflammation and congestion.
Even though this therapy originated in China, I have a client who told me that back in her hometown in Poland it would be common for a family to have their own cupping kit at home and parents or grandparents would use the suction cups on their children when they have colds or a flu or a cough or asthma.
3. Infertility
Especially while undergoing ART – IUI or IVF. The medication can add internal heat to the body and the cupping will remove this unwanted heat before it disturbs the energy system in the body.
Cupping will also help with conditions like endometriosis or irregular menses where it will increase blood flow in the area, reduce inflammation and eliminate excess heat.

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