Our digestive system is a central hub for our health; it impacts every other system in our body, and it doesn’t always get the attention and support that it deserves. Often we are eating to just not be hungry or we are are preoccupied with answering emails or texts while we eat or we skip meals altogether.

Here at BabySteps we are committed to discovering what part of your digestive system needs that support and attention. We work from the top down and back up again; maybe it is the food that you are eating, a stomach acid imbalance or a gut microbiome problem.

In a previous post, we discussed the Health Screening we offer and all that it can determine. From working with so many women who come for fertility support, we knew that sometimes we have to go deeper. This is why we have other medical technologies here in clinic to do further investigations.

The Heidelberg Stomach pH test determines your stomach acid levels. Too much or too little acid can have a profound affect on your overall wellbeing, digestion and fertility. Micro-organisms such as parasites and viruses, can live in the digestive system and really impact on how it works. If your stomach pH is off you may have heartburn/acid reflux, burping, tiredness after eating or maybe even a depressed mood.

We also offer a food intolerance test when needed. This is a quick and simple test, which is sent to US BioTek. In about 2 weeks you receive a full break down to what you have an intolerance to. If you are eating foods that your body is not in a position to tolerate then this can lead to inflammation and many other dysfunctions. When we know what (if any) foods you are intolerance to, we ensure that you know exactly how to implement the changes in to your life.

Having a healthy gut and digestive system can truly result in a healthy life, it can even lead to feeling happier in life.

We are always here to answer questions if you have any concerns about your digestive health or any other areas that you feel need attention. Call us or email, we will be happy to help.

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