The health and fertility of both parents is of equal importance leading up to conception. Often the focus is on the fertility of the woman, but there are many things men can do to support their own health and fertility. Some simple steps can be taken to ensure good sperm mobility and quality, which can then lead to conception, pregnancy and most importantly a healthy baby.

One of these steps is taking Vitamin C or ascorbic acid as it’s also known daily. It is a vital antioxidant, which basically means that it helps defend against cell damage from cellular oxidation and breakdown.

Why this is important for male fertility is that the antioxidant properties helps prevent from DNA damage within the sperm itself. If there is DNA damage, this could lead to chromosomal problems in a baby or possible miscarriage.

So vitamin C helps the overall quality of sperm; from motility to preventing it from clumping together to cellular protection.

Though there are some variances in studies regarding how well ascorbic acid can aid male fertility, the overall benefit of taking Vitamin C daily as an antioxidant is worth it to help build towards a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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Photo by Roy P. on Unsplash

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