Cell Regulating Mattress Therapy

Cell regulating Mattress Therapy

Cell Regulating Therapy on mattress

After increasing the cell voltage with the PEMF device, cells can now exchange ions better.

This cell regulation device speeds up the exchange of ions regulating.  It helps regulate the exchange of ions. It has a mattress with a flat coil so we can create an electromagnetic field. It has a computerised system that creates a very specific field so we can program it to treat many different conditions. The coil is shielded which absorbs the electric so only the magnetic passes through the body. The ions (charged molecules) – something charged can influence something else charged. Synchronise with ions in the body to cause an effect.

Here we can stimulate sodium and potassium ions to boost cellular activity.

Use before a heavy workout or competition.

Balancing program to help circulation

A relax program to relax muscles and arteries and tension – good after a heavy workout

With this you can work more and sleep less, do more and feel more energised. You can initially use it to fix problems and then carry on to use it at a different setting to optimise the body on a cellular level to feel more energised, work hard, play hard.

Helps balance cellular activity, microcirculation and more.​

While lying on the mat, fully clothed you will experience the magnetic field therapy. The mitochondrial activity is boosted by upregulating the exchange of sodium and potassium ions. This causes the mitochondrial cells to produce more ATP (more of the cells fuel). This increases cellular activity in the body.

Regulate the exchange of ions over the cell membranes, and thus the cell function and ATP production, with the mattress.

There are many different programs in this mat and the therapist will select the right one for you. Each program has a range of pre-set frequencies. We can set it to activate your cellular activity if you have muscle or joint pain or low cellular activity in an area. This can help with implantation, it helps increase your lining and increases the cellular function of all organs, including reproductive organs.

Cell Regulating Therapy on mattress €35

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