Assisted Reproductive Technology: IVF/IUI Fertility Support

Clomid/IVF/IUI Fertility Support

Are you thinking of ART or currently having ART and looking for a holistic complimentary boost? I would advise having acupuncture for 3-6 months before your treatment if time allows. If you do however choose Clomid, IUI or IVF, acupuncture is very much recommended as a complementary therapy to the treatment. Acupuncture will prepare your body for the treatment then while you are undergoing the IUI or IVF treatment acupuncture will help you get through the side effects of the drugs, like the emotional instability, mood swings, abdominal pain and swelling.

Studies also show a great increase in your chances of a successful outcome. There is a German Acupuncture Protocol, see below for the details of the study on this protocol. This protocol consists of a series of acupuncture points you will have needled directly before and after the embryo transfer or insemenation. Studies have shown that the chances of pregnancy are greatly increased if you have the 2 acupuncture sessions that same day, one before the transfer/insemenation and one after the transfer/insemenation. Here are the results of the study by

The Dept of Reproductive Medicine, Christian-Lauritzen-Institut, Ulm Germany. It was published in Fertil Steril 2002:77;721-4. 2002 by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


They studied 160 patients undergoing IVF randomised into two groups of 80. The treatment group received acupuncture at the same points before and after embryo transfer. Clinical outcomes were 34 out of the 80 patients (42.5%) achieved a positive pregnancy test in the Acupuncture group in comparison to 21 out of the 80 patients(26.3%) in the control group.

Acupuncture Treatment 60 mins – €90


Long consultation where we do up a :-

  • diet plan,
  • discuss lifestyle,
  • mindfulness and
  • do pulse and tongue assessment
  • followed by treatment which may include
  • cupping and
  • moxibustion as well as acupuncture.

Option to have acupuncture while on the pulsating electromagnetic mat.

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