“I contacted Lisa when I was 4 days past my due date last March. I made an appointment for the following day eager to get labour started. At that stage I had tried everything that is advised to bring on labour. Nothing seemed to work and I was worried that I would have had to be induced. When I called into Lisa’s studio, she explained what was going to happen during the session. She reassured me that usually one session works but in some cases it may take a second session. For me that was great news. I instantly felt confident and more positive. She placed one of the needles on my calf and just after a few seconds I felt like the muscle on the calf was cramping and an intense sensation moved down towards my foot. She explained that there was a strong blockage and that the needle had released it. That night my husband gave me a back massage and he commented on how relaxed the muscles on my shoulders were (I am always very tense in that area) For the first time in weeks I felt really relaxed. I went to bed and at 4 a.m. my labour started. Several hours later my second beautiful boy was born, calm and happy as I had felt him to be for the 9 months he was in my womb. I have highly recommended Lisa to my expectant friends. She is very professional and talking to her instantly made me feel calmer and more positive. I now truly believe in the healing power of acupuncture.” – Lucia, Dublin

“Lisa came highly recommended by a few mummies in my yoga class so when it got closer to my estimated due date I had no hesitations about making an appointment. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as she listened to my history and although I came to her to get things moving she was also able to help me with a few of my others pregnancy ailments. Sure enough a few days later things started to happen and my beautiful baby boy made his entrance unassisted. ” – Suzannah, Dublin

“Lisa has a warm and calm manner. She explained how everything works in advance which was very helpful.I attended Lisa while I was pregnant, at 37 weeks. I wanted to avoid to gone overdue. I delivered healthy baby girl at 39 week 5days, in natural way. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Iwona G

“I decided to get acupuncture because of my age, I was 39 and trying for my first baby. We had been trying for 18 months when a friend recommended going to Lisa. My husband went for 3 sessions but that was it. I went once a week for 4 months. We both changed our diet on Lisa’s recommendations. I am now 5 months pregnant and everything is going well. I still can’t believe it, I’ve wanted this for so long and now I wake up feeling so grateful every day” – Niamh H, Dublin

“I booked an acupuncture session with Lisa at close to 42 weeks, desperate to go into labour naturally. I had never had acupuncture before and was a little nervous as I had reacted strongly to therapies before. Lisa totally put me at ease. I felt really comfortable and felt the acupuncture had an immediate effect. 48 hours later I finally went into labour myself and had a completely natural drug free birth on the day that I was booked for induction. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! Here’s a picture of Annie May watching her first sunrise, 7 hours old. I would highly recommend Lisa.” – Tara K, Dublin

“I attended with Lisa for two Acupuncture sessions when I was overdue on my first child.  I had never had acupuncture before and was a bit nervous but Lisa was easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. She explained everything to me and I felt very relaxed and comfortable in her care. The session was amazing and quite relaxing, I felt like I had slept for the whole night which as most overdue mums would agree never happens. Here is a little pic of Lachlan at 12 days old!” – Gail C, Dublin

“I went in for induction last Thursday and after a slow start, it all kicked off and our little girl was born on Friday morning! She’s perfect, and I’m recovering really well.
No name yet — we’re between two and are hoping she’ll make the final decision for us!”

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