Mindfulness and Fertility

Mindfulness is important at all stages of life but whether you have just started trying or you’ve been trying for a baby for a while, then now is definitely a good time to start. The key is to slow down and surrender. In order to manifest our goals and dreams of becoming parents, we need to refresh our energy regularly. You should both be taking regular time out for yourselves. Taking time to yourself throughout the day is part of nurturing your soul and boosting your yin energy. Doing this will cause healing to occur. Go into nature or to a meditation group or join a yoga class that feels nurturing to you. I help my clients to gain control over their minds during our acupuncture treatments in my clinic Baby Steps, I teach a technique that I call mindfulness through breathing. Once you learn a technique and work on it a little every day, it will become more natural for you and you will fall in love with it and your intuition will develop. Try not to be too serious and make sure to do things that are fun and enjoyable for you. This will boost your serotonin and oxytocin, both of which lower stress, lift our mood and boost our immune system. Consciously try to shift your thoughts away from what’s wrong or missing in your life and towards what’s wonderful in your life, you can help each other with this. Try sitting with your emotions.

One of the first things you might notice when you go within is that feelings and emotions start rising to the surface. Consciously bringing loving awareness to any feelings is the first step in letting go of any tensions and worries. Something starts to shift in our consciousness when we allow our feelings to be present without judgement. Eventually we find ourselves beyond the worrying thoughts, fears and negative self-talk. At this point you could try some visualisations, visualising you with your baby laughing and happy. You could try some guided meditations if you are not a very visual person but be sure to conjure up emotion too and include the sense of smell and sound, get all the senses involved. Do the work that needs to be done but enjoy this time in the knowledge that you are building a great foundation in which to plant the seed and remember to be kind to each other. Dont let the pressures of close friends and family asking you are you pregnant yet get to you, this is only about you and your partner and important to remember that you don’t need to answer to anyone, just keep a peaceful mind as much as you can.

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