A staggering one in eight couples will experience challenges achieving and maintaining pregnancy. Some studies report the number is closer to one in six. At these rates, it is highly likely that either you or someone you know has struggled with fertility – whether you know it or not. And, sadly, there’s a good chance you don’t.


Infertility is a disease most often battled in silence. Defined as an inability to achieve healthy pregnancy after one year of trying (or six months for women over 35), the diagnosis of infertility is made once fear and profound disappointment have already set in. By the time a diagnosis of infertility is made and exploration of cause is underway, couples are often already coping with a very personal kind of pain.
Something that’s even more challenging, especially emotionally, is a miscarriage. The pain of losing a child after months and years of trying is hard to handle. Even with the IUI and IVF treatments there is a high failure rate and nobody can really tell why it failed even though everything (quality and number of follicles, sperm morphology, fertilisation and implantation) went well. There is an explanation to everything and perhaps we can give you one.
I know so many couples who are trying but are unable to get pregnant because they’ve discovered that there is something wrong with either the male or the female partner. When it comes to the male the only thing that can really go wrong is the sperm quality and quantity. We often blame lifestyle (smoking, drinking etc) but I know males who don’t do either and live a healthy lifestyle suffer the same problem. Now the question is what’s causing this issue? When it comes to females, It’s not as simple as that however whatever the case may be, we can help. Even with low AMH (anti Mullerian hormone) there is a high chance for you to get pregnant naturally.
How we work is different than conventional medicine. We don’t only look at the reproductive organs, we assess your body as a whole. There can be several factors affecting your fertility. If there is an ongoing disease or inflammation or something as simple as food intolerance then even that can have a knock on effect on what you are trying to achieve. Body works as a whole and isolating organs or only focusing on one part of human body and ignoring the rest of the issues wont really work. We try and optimise your health as much as possible and once that’s done everything else is achievable. Not only that, we are the only clinic in Ireland who can actually scan for microorganisms in your body and can even name them. Its hard to believe but most of the time this is the main and only problem with people who are trying to get pregnant but can’t because nobody ever looked at the human body from that perspective!
Our assessment gives live results and we can actually tell you what’s causing a certain issue. Like I said earlier about male fertility, the most important thing to focus on is the sperm health. I have had men come to me with such low sperm motility and mobility that even the IVF clinics won’t give the couple a try. Now that’s really devastating for the couple but when we did the assessment the problem was very straight forward. Once we finished our treatment with them, their sperm count was back to normal and they couldn’t be happier.
With the females fertility however, there are lot of areas that we can help them with. From improving the egg quality to achieving hormonal stabilisation, increasing the uterine endometrial lining ( thin lining cause the miscarriages), helping ovulation we cover all aspects. This is not the end, getting pregnant is one thing and having a safe and healthy pregnancy is another. We help to achieve that and take your pregnancy to term. You can learn more by clicking here. www.babysteps.ie

We believe that body has this innate wisdom of doing miraculous things, we just have to find the cause that might be causing an issue, the rest settles itself and we can help you find that cause!

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