As we mentioned in previous posts, we have found that most women who come to see us with fertility issues will have detrimental micro-organisms in their body. These bacteria and viruses can be really opportunistic, and can stay hidden from conventional tests. 

Some of the most commons ones we see are ureaplasma, pseudomonas, bacterium lactis, cytomeglovirus, hpv, and ebv. It can seem daunting and even a little bit scary when you are told these have been detected. But thankfully we have an amazing way of ridding your body from them. And without the need for antibiotics. 

Before the treatment is explained, it is important for you to know why it is essential that dealing with these is a priority for your fertility. As mentioned, detrimental micro-organisms can lie undetected in your body (at least by conventional tests) and can be a continual drain on your immune and energy systems.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and are always reaching for homeostasis, so depending on your make-up or constitution, will continually focus on trying remove these bacteria and viruses instead of trying to make and grow a baby. Very often we see that the body has tried so hard to remove these, that it has moved in to adaptation. 

What this crudely means is that your body has ‘forgotten’ how to eliminate these micro-organisms, allowing them to continually zap much needed energy and attention from other processes. 

With all being said, it is possible to target and remove these micro-organisms from your system. Depending on what it is that has been detected, all you may need is 1-2 treatments of the Pulsed Plasma Light.

The plasma light is placed in front of the area of your body that is needing treatment. Then the device is set to a specific frequency that targets the micro-organism(s) found in the screening. This light pulses at the same frequency as the bacteria or virus so that they (micro-organisms) vibrate until they are destroyed. 

You can think of it like an opera singer singing a perfectly pitched C note and a glass shattering; we find this is a great analogy to help understand what is happening during a Pulsed Plasma Light treatment.

If you have any more questions on this treatment or would like to get booked in for you health screening, please feel free to get in touch

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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