Once we have explained your results to you, we book you in for your first treatment appointment. And most importantly, we create a treatment plan that is unique to you. There is no need for you to think of what step to take next or where to go next, we have you covered. You will always know what the next move is and what you should expect.

Depending on what your results are, we have the FDA approved medical devices available here in clinic to deal with whatever we discovered. Most often we find that women will have micro-organisms in their body that are depleting and taking away much needed energy. For this treatment we use the Plasma light. 

There may also be low cell activity, especially in areas like the gut; for this we use the PEMF machine, along with the PEMF mat. Both of these devices increase cell voltage, which means that the cells can exchange ions as the should. (There will be future posts about these devices).

We then move to the Bio-feedback machine. Here you get to lie down and get comfortable; you are connected to this machine with small straps on your wrists, ankles and head. With this device, we continue the detox process of the micro-organisms and heavy metals, while also boosting and supporting relevant organ systems of your body. There is a lot that can be done with this device, and we will go deeper in a future post. 

You are always welcome to contact us here at Babysteps with any questions or queries. You don’t have to wait for the blog posts. 

Our aim with working with you, is to get your body in to the best possible health to allow you get pregnant and give birth to that beautiful, healthy baby.

Here at Babysteps we also know how important mental and emotional health is.

And often going through fertility uncertainty and/or treatment can be a huge drain on mental and emotional well-being. To support you on this level we use our Voice Analysis device, the resulting treatment process; which is a sound file, is downloaded on to an app on your phone. You listen to this file two times per day, creating harmony and balance. 

We also offer a food intolerance test and the Heidelberg stomach pH test. These tests are incredibly helpful and important if digestive issues have been detected in the Health Screening. Individual food plans are created for you allowing your body to heal from possibly years of inflammation. 


Photo by Michal Vrba on Unsplash



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