For some women when they go to have their fertility tested, it can transpire that the issue does lie within their reproductive system. There might be a fallopian tube blockage and after a flush everything is cleared, and they get pregnant.

But unfortunately for many women, this is not the case. The reason lies elsewhere and due to the nature of how other fertility clinics run tests this may be missed and therefore not focused on.

An example of this is in the digestive system.

Our digestive system is the core of our health and determines how well our body functions.

If you have always had acid reflux and bloating for example, it is very possible that you have low stomach acid or hypochlorhydria. So even if you are eating the best quality food and doing everything you should be, you may not be extracting the nutrients from that food as well as you could be.

Having low stomach acid can lead to a compromised immune system, leaving the body susceptible to micro-organism infections and these could, in a round-about way be draining the body’s attention away from allowing implantation and pregnancy.

We can make sure that you have ALL the information you need to move forward; we can show you exactly where your body needs attention and what it may need detoxing from and where it needs boosting.

So, though you might have been told that you have unexplained infertility, here at BabySteps we may very well be able to offer some possible reasons for this.

For a comprehensive read and watch on what the health screening entails, please click HERE. 

 Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash

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