When you finally decide that this is it, it is time to have a baby and move forward with this new phase of your life….it can be incredibly exciting and maybe a little overwhelming.

You stop taking the pill or have the coil removed and you officially start ‘trying’. It is fun at first, but after 6 months and no positive test results, feelings and thoughts of doubt start to creep in. You may have seen some friends or family members get pregnant on their first try and this just adds to your worry.

So, you decide to visit your GP, from there you are sent for fertility tests. All the focus goes towards your reproductive system, you have blood tests and scans. Periods have always been fine, but you have been on the pill since you were 16 because acne had been quite bad.  

You are of ‘a certain age’ and maybe it is decided that the ovulation phase of your cycle needs a boost and you are given a Clomid prescription. But after some months of hormones being all over the place and multiple follicles being produced…there is still no positive result.

The further you go down this fertility road, the more disheartened you become.

Here at BabySteps we have a different way of approaching the lack of positive pregnancy tests. A large percentage of the time, the ‘issue’ is not in your reproductive system but somewhere else in your body. And because of that, your body is focused on resolving those issues; the body is incredibly intelligent, and it knows that this takes priority over anything else, therefore not allowing for the much needed energy to create a baby.

We offer a non-invasive full health screening here at the clinic, and you get the results instantly. Before leaving you know exactly where there are issues, what those issues are and what needs to be done to resolve them.

You are back in a place of empowerment; you know exactly what is going on in your body and most importantly you can reconnect with your hopes and dreams of bringing that beautiful baby in to the world.

In the next blog, we will explain more about the health screening and what it is that can be discovered that may be blocking your fertility.

 Photo by Andrew Itaga on Unsplash

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