We finished off our last blog post explaining that not getting pregnant does not necessarily mean that the issues lie in your reproductive system. 

Babysteps is one of a kind here in Ireland. We have the technologies to firstly investigate and determine what it is in your body that needs attention and help; and we also have the technologies to target treatment according to those findings. We take a completely holistic approach, understanding that just because one area of your body appears to not be working efficiently, that the root of that very possibly lies somewhere else.

It is like having a garden hose with only a weak stream of water coming out and expecting the flow to improve by turning the tap on stronger or changing the nozzle at the end. On inspection of the whole hose, you realise that there is kink in it, so you straighten it out. This small adjustment allows the water to flow freely and the stream to be strong. Very often there is a simple solution to what appears to be a complex problem.

This same analogy can be applied to your fertility. It may be that there are issues in your digestive system, hidden viruses and bacteria in your liver or low cell activity in your thyroid. Once this is identified and subsequently treated, the flow of energy in your body can be restored. So what appeared to be a fertility issue, actually turned out to lie somewhere else in your body.

What the health screening does is give a complete picture of your health. We look at all your body systems from organ function to heart rate variability to hydration inside and outside of cells. We investigate from macro to micro.

We also investigate to see if there are any detrimental micro-organisms and/or heavy metals in your system. Often these micro-organisms can be draining your immune system and impeding a certain area of your body from functioning to its optimum.

If you are finding it difficult to get pregnant, then the health screening that we offer can give you answers, answers that are not being looked for elsewhere.

In the next blog post you will find out what happens once the Health Screening is complete and you know exactly what is going on in your body.

 Photo by Phil Goodwin on Unsplash

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